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    Stasiński Ltd is a company that has been operating in the Polish market for over twenty years until now. Since the beginning, the company has chosen to act in the direction of the plastics industry. In 1989 our production plant began running the manufacture of electro-installation pipes. Two years later, in 1991, we started producing cable ducts system. From now, we are constantly working on expanding our offer.

    We put a firm emphasis on the quality of our products.

    The original technology and modern machinery enable the systematic increase in production and adapt it to individual customer needs.

    Today the company offers:

    • electro-installation mini duct system,
    • electro-installation duct system,
    • system accessories to ducts,
    • corrugated pipes the tubes,
    • connector and the handles to pipes of different sizes.

    The research quality covers all products and has signs marking "B" and "CE." They are produced from raw materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and polyethylene, each confirming the research quality.

    We are open to cooperation with our contractors throughout the country and abroad. Our motto is professionalism and reliability. Customers suggest free transportation, attractive prices, and favorable payment terms.

    We also realize atypical orders.